Monday, February 25, 2013

Dumb and dumberer...and both in Texas

The following appeared on Ryan Clinton's Facebook page earlier today. 

Ryan is a Texas attorney who helped make No-Kill a reality in Austin. He is also a winner of the No Kill Advocacy Center's Henry Bergh Leadership Award, and co-author of the Web site O is for Onward.

Texas is providing some early frontrunners for the 2013 Ingrid Newkirk Worst Person in the World Award:

In response to a citizen e-mail* urging the adoption of No Kill policies and programs, Arlington, Texas, Council Member Charlie Parker reportedly e-mailed back: "Are you seeing someone concerning your mental problems[?] . . . I'm done with you . . . [I]f you want a no kill shelter then move to Austin."

*Note: the citizen who emailed Parker and received his smarty-pants response is believed to be a volunteer with Friends of Arlington Animal Services - a group who works to save as many animals as possible from euthanasia. However, I have not seen this email so I am not naming the author here. 

Not to be outdone, embattled Bastrop Animal Shelter Director Diane Mollaghan (photo below) was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated on Friday when, after being pulled over for reckless driving, she put her Fiat into reverse and slammed into a police car. That would be just plain sad if she hadn't the same day implemented a new volunteer program application in which she required applicants to submit their medical and financial records. Which of course begs the question for Ms. Mollaghan: perhaps *criminal* records would have been more appropriate?

You can contact Arlington Council Member Charlie Parker at this e-mail address:

You can contact the Bastrop County Commissioners here:

Note from FP: If you have any additional details regarding these two, feel free to leave a comment.