Friday, October 8, 2010

Dallas City Hall doesn't discriminate ... they'll screw any taxpayer

This blog article was forwarded me to yesterday (I have an awful sinus infection and am behind on everything, including updating this blog). While the blog doesn't mention Dallas Animal Services, it illustrates how Dallas City Hall does whatever it wants. Taxpayers be damned, or sodomized, or whatever. If you're a taxpayer, you can't do shit about it.

(These are the same dolts who required TWO bond issues to be passed before they built a new animal shelter. Two years later and it's already broken.)

Think City Hall Should Get A Tax Hike? You Might Think Again After Seeing How Crappy It Treats Its Taxpayers. By Jim Schutze

In the last few weeks everyone has been talking about taking on a tax increase so we can give City Hall more money. I promise you this much: This story will make you wonder why on earth we would even consider giving the people at City Hall more money.

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Anonymous said...

YES that GREEN SHELTER keeps taking MORE GREEN but then that's what the AR's want anyhow, because Mother EARTH (not my mother) is their agenda, and no animals is their agenda...get it?