Monday, November 29, 2010

At long, long, long, long (whew) last...

Somehow, the Dallas Morning News' Rudolph Bush managed to lay his hands on the HSUS' Shelter Evaluation for Dallas Animal Services. Here's a link and an excerpt:

Humane Society report sharply criticizes Dallas Animal Services

4:20 PM Mon, Nov 29, 2010
Rudolph Bush/Reporter

Dallas animal service employees feel alienated from supervisors and managers, lack a "cooperative spirit" and must daily face dueling goals laid out by the City Council and the city's Animal Shelter Commission, according to a 120-report by the Humane Society of the United States.

I have yet to read the entire, 120-page report. I'm still plowing through it. However, the HSUS' mention that the City Council and Animal Shelter Commission had set up "dueling goals" for DAS caught my eye.

Remember, some members of the Animal Shelter Commission* are ALSO part of the Metroplex Animal Coalition, aka MAC - the folks who allegedly raised the $25 grand for the HSUS evaluation bill. And then there are the Commission members who are card-carrying members of PETA. Perhaps the report's contents held up the report's release.

Think about it. $25,000 is a big price to pay for any report...especially one that bites you in the ass by saying you're not nearly as wonderful as you think you are. Sort of like that story about the emperor's new clothes.

* To see a list of members of the Animal Shelter Commission, click on the Board Members by Board link. I fear you'll have to download a large PDF, but the Shelter Commission is one of the first boards listed.

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Anonymous said...

It was interesting that what the writer of the article took away had been addressed (or COULD HAVE BEEN) by those who were AGAINST the new ORDINANCE!!! but no one listened to them and voted it in no one listened to the "breeders" that were called other things and they KNEW how to do what seemed to be amiss!!