Thursday, November 10, 2011

Former HSUS volunteer: Help a puppy, not a lobby

CULP: Help a puppy, not a lobby - Washington Times

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Anonymous said...

It's now 2014.
Look at how many animals have continued to die at the Dallas Animal Shelter since this article was written.
Look at how many different presidents DCAP has been through. Yes, their save rate has inched along positively, but isn't that more to do with the placement partners (new rescue groups like DFW Rescue Me and Duck 6) and less to do with any real progress that this group has made.
It's great that they participated in the Empty the Shelter weekend, but they only made a little over 100 pets available for adoption promotion. Why not more pets? They kill more than 100 a week, so why weren't more than a little over 100 available for adoption that weekend?
Many more animals would have lived if these folks would lay down their egos and killing defenses and focus on what is actually working in other cities. No Kill works; Dallas could be a leader in the nation, like Austin is, but instead they choose to keep going in circles.