Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nathan Winograd 1, Monica Hardy 0. New balls, please.

Unlike the professional committee-sitters who comprise THLN, DCAP and similar groups - all of them as much use to animal welfare as an ashtray on a Vespa - Nathan Winograd is not a mealy-mouthed sort and lets the chips fall where they may. 

When asked to debate Winograd, the THLN's Executive Director, Monica Hardy chickened out when faced with the potential embarrassment of these topics:

  1. During the last Texas Legislative Session, a controversy arose over the introduction of House Bill 3450, known as (CAPA) The Texas Companion Animal Protection Act. Please explain your understanding of the meaning and significance of this bill and what sparked the controversy?
  2. What are your feelings about this bill and legislation similar to it?
  3. Why did CAPA fail to pass in your opinion, and can you offer any suggestions regarding this bill and others which would most help the animals for the next legislative session?
  4. In the interest of benefiting the animals, please offer any constructive suggestions you may wish to share with each other, as well as any ideas regarding animal legislation.
I didn't see anything particularly scary within these softball topics.  Did anyone else besides Monica?

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Bett Sundermeyer said...

I worked with Vegan World Radio to schedule this debate. Vegan World Radio has been supportive of No Kill issues in the past and wanted to talk about Nathan's Phyllis Wright Awards, of which Monica Hardy was a "winner". But VWR was trying talk about the issue in an unbiased way. That's why an open debate format was each side would have equal opportunity to present their opinions. The questions were entirely unbiased. Considering that THLN took a lot of deserved criticism after they opposed us regarding Texas CAPA i.e. Hope's Law in 2011, one would think that they would have jumped on the chance to openly discuss their stance regarding CAPA.

THLN should have easily agreed to answer those question. And, if they didn't like the questions or the format, they should have made suggestions regarding changes instead of dropping out of the debate completely.

Personally, I think THLN has a lot to hide and debating Nathan Winograd would have exposed it. They would have been roadkill by the end of the show.

THLN needs to be open and honest with the public. The public deserves to know the whole agenda of organizations that they have supported.