Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why I added Pawsitively Texas to the links list

The comments that follow this posting bring up many salient points about the inmates running the DAS asylum. 

The comments are lengthy but make some extremely good points. For example, NOBODY in DCAP bothered to attend the No Kill Workshop, even after receiving personal invitations. Skip Trimble also received an invite, but he didn't show either. Only Jody Jones attended.  But plenty of DCAP folks, including chairperson Rebecca Poling, spent hundreds to attend the annual Texas Unites conference in Austin. 

I guess we can't blame Rebecca for wanting to fly hundreds of miles to hobnob with people who will never disagree with her while she downs a few alcoholic beverages. So what if it cost hundreds more than Winograd's workshop?  Sure beats admitting you've got it all wrong.

Ultimately, the author of Pawsitively Texas proves what a lot of us suspected:  DCAP is the emperor with no clothes. 

But not only are the folks in DCAP naked, they can't be bothered to actually DO anything except committee-sit, badmouth others, blame the public for their own failures, and defend their killing ways. 

It's kind of getting old, isn't it? Let's not allow DCAP to allow this to drag on for five years (see their Five Year Plan within my March 24 blog post) while the daily killing continues.

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