Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cat killings and mutilations in Casa View

Over the past six weeks (late June to this week), there have been at least three cases of cats being killed and mutilated in the Casa View area of East Dallas.  An equally disturbing fact is that, although the mutilations have been reported twice to Dallas police, no investigation of any sort has been done.

The first cat mutilation was reported to have happened on San Juan Street, where a resident found one of his cats literally gutted and left on his front porch. The police were called and attempted to an interview a neighbor known to have trapped and removed cats from a managed feral colony in the neighborhood. The neighbor - a DISD employee - refused to talk to police, so the police left. No followup was carried out.

The second incident in late July was similar to the first, except that the cat's gutted body was left in the owner's front yard. Again, the police were called but made no real effort to investigate. The cat's owner described the police as "being an ass about the situation".

I would ask readers to please repost and forward this information to all residents of the Casa View, and to ask any and all residents of the area to please keep their cats indoors 24/7 if at all possible.

I will post updates when I receive them. Currently there are plans to offer a reward to identify the waste of oxygen who is responsible for these acts, especially since the local police have forgotten that cruelty is now a felony in our state.


Feline Provocateur said...

This neighborhood is home to several managed feral colonies. The owner of two of the killed cats practices TNR.

Thank you for exhibiting your stupidity. Now try looking up TNR and tell us how irreponsible it is.

Anonymous said...

Advanced PSer enjoys committing felonies. Of course he's hiding identity.

Try shooting at something that has a chance of retaliation, coward.

(scroll down to read his/her rubbish)