Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dallas Animal Services' latest harassment campaign

This is from ex-Dallas Morning News columnist's Larry Powell's blog:

LOOKING FOR NEW PROPERTY: One of our longtime animal rescue tipsters, Gail Whelan, has been through ups and downs with the Companion Animal Network. She’s constantly overloaded with animals and periodically decides to stop working in rescue and avoid the frustrations and heartbreak. Then something good happens and she rebounds. But now she’s facing another situation and it is really upsetting her. Here is her story in her words. She distributed this e-mail yesterday. She wrote:

“I need to find a place to go with all my foster dogs. I realize this is a huge request, but I will be more than happy to live on property in a barn or something similar. I don't need a kitchen. I can handle being without heat, etc. I am pretty resourceful.

“For the past eight months, someone has been calling animal control regularly and saying my dogs are not vaccinated, have no water or shelter, etc. All of which is ridiculous. Dallas Animal Services has been to my house FIVE times and not once have I received a citation, any recommendations for changing our procedures, etc. The last time there were there THREE of them that came out, including the vet for the city ...who only took pictures of my laundry.

“In December I sent an FOIA letter to DAS requesting information on who is doing this to me. According to one of my attorneys, they had 10 days in which to respond, but never did (typical). I am calling the Attorney General's office today to see what else I can do.

“Meanwhile, I just cannot handle this anymore. I have taken so much time off work to meet these people and let them inspect, etc. I just can't do it anymore.
“The saddest thing is that there are dogs chained, starving, being bred in backyards, etc. and nothing is done. Your tax dollars at work.”

To offer to help Gail, e-mail

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