Sunday, February 28, 2010

The name behind the blog

One of this blog's first readers cared enough to send email - but only to ask why I named the blog what I did.

Sure, I was tempted to call it Cat Lady Wars or similar. But I'm not a lady. I'm a guy.

However, the inspiration behind this blog was/is a woman. My ex-girlfriend, actually. She was a volunteer with several animal rescue groups here in Dallas and Tarrant Counties. Sometimes she would talk to me about the vendettas carried out by certain prominent animal rescuers, and in hindsight I wish I'd been more sympathetic. All I did was raise my eyebrows. But she's gone now.

We had two cats when we lived together. She took one and I kept one. Natasha has been my little gray feline provocateur for the last three years. It bothers me a lot that so many of her fellow felines (and canines) are in danger from the same people who should be concerned about their safety, not their own egos. I hope that the right person, or persons, will eventually discover this blog and decide to clean house.

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