Friday, July 16, 2010

PETA gets the Penn and Teller treatment

I have hated PETA ever since I found out that they don't support feral cat management or Trap/Neuter/Release. Here's what they say:

Please do not allow the prospect of euthanasia to deter you from trapping cats. If you leave them where they are, they will almost certainly die a painful death.

Will someone please tell that to my neighbor's feral colony? Her oldest feral is 13. Yes, she's built a special shelter for them, but plenty of other feral caretakers have done the same thing. Even a doghouse works great.

I hated PETA a bit more when they tried to whitewash their Kill The Ferals attitude by setting up another Web site named - get this - Helping Animals.

Here's their nice page about ferals.
Surprise, surprise - the links to their free feral cat brochure don't work.

Thankfully, Penn and Teller zeroed in on PETA a while back and did a bang-up job in handing their leaders their respective asses.

For anyone who missed the Penn and Teller Bullshit! episode that skewers PETA, or don't get Showtime, it's here.

But if you're near Premiere Video on East Mockingbird, they have this episode in stock at an extremely reasonable rental charge.

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PJBoosinger said...

Nice and succinct FP. Thank you. I'm sure I'll be using this link frequently!