Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorry for the hiatus...

But I recently fell victim to the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times".

Not only did my company send me out of state to manage a commercial project, my PC's hard drive suddenly and totally crashed. Most, but not all of my information was backed up.

Last but not least, the news we've all been waiting for - the HSUS' 2010 shelter evaluation for Dallas Animal Services - hasn't been made public. Instead, there's a deafening silence. Not even the usual team of HSUS Kool-aid bathers have said anything on their various blogs, or within their news articles.

However, I did find a PDF of the 2001 HSUS report presented to Dallas Animal Services. I stumbled on it purely by mistake, as the Animal Connection of Texas - who had originally published it online - now has no live link to the PDF.

Click here for a link to the 2001 HSUS/DAS report.

Although I haven't read it verbatim, it made a few valid points. But it had its usual share of "We're the HSUS, so we're infallible" bs too.

And the biggest omission of all, in my opinion, is that it contained NO discussion of the value of volunteers. Nor did it suggest how DAS might attract and keep good volunteer staff. Shelters who have successfully lowered their euthanasia rates almost universally credit their volunteer staff as playing a vital part in their success.


PJBoosinger said...

Some of the very best goodies are the ones that get stumbled upon :)

Cynthia said...

We need to go ask Mrs. Poling to tell us what it said since she asked us all for donations back last winter in her Examiner column. It just not right for her to take our money or try to? and not tell us what was bought with it, don't you think?

Feline Provocateur said...

Cynthia, can you let me know which Examiner column contained Rebecca Poling's asking for donations? I haven't been able to find it. But since Rebecca is all over the Net these days, it's understandable.

All I could find is a mention that the Metroplex Animal Coalition (MAC) had raised the $25K. And Rebecca is a MAC bigwig. But my sources tell me that the $25K came from a single donor - not "concerned members of the public".

Cynthia said...

I will send it to the email for you here. I can't seem to copy/paste that link