Monday, December 13, 2010

The lowdown on the December ASC meeting

Since the Animal Shelter Commission folks did their usual - which is to carefully avoid publicizing their meetings - I wasn't able to go to the most recent one.

But Andrea Grimes made it, thankfully, and live-blogged through the whole affair.

Here is a link to her report:

The Flea Circus: Liveblogging Today's Animal Shelter Commission Meeting

I particularly enjoyed her descriptions of Joey Zapata, the original We'll Look Into It guy. Larry Powell has also, although more subtly, alluded to Joey's amazing ability to look wide-eyed and scribble notes during these meetings. She also seems to have Rebecca Poling's modus operandi nailed down pretty well.

I hope you made it to the Tavern eventually, Andrea.

Lastly, I spotted this within the blog comments:

Ugh... watching this sausage-making made my stomach churn. And this is how we do things in Dallas folks! And why shit never gets done.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow I got the impression that Larry Powell felt that the ASC didn't have anything to do with the laws made to cut back on rescue groups, sorry, SKIPPY appeared to want that and the council listened to his side instead of those who know more about animals than any of those on the Commission at that time. THEY presented the draft to the Council, not the other way around. Council just hadn't read the previous laws that already were what they needed but had not been enforced under the ASC with Skippy in control!