Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wayne Pacelle earns his lumps (of coal)

I think it's fair to say that everyone has already heard Wayne Pacelle's ridiculous statement about Michael Vick being ready for pet ownership. Most of us think this is similar to Wayne's suggesting that pedophiles be given jobs at elementary schools, but I guess Wayne knows best. (insert eye roll)

Actually, he's trying to do some retro-spin about his Vick statement here at his sick-making blog, but I fear the dog shit is going to stick to Wayne for quite some time.

But on to an equally troubling, and disturbingly common scenario.

As the majority of this blog's visitors are aware, the HSUS is fanatical about its PR and fundraising. This is why pretty boy Wayne was hired. However, neither the HSUS or its leadership is fanatical about actually rescuing the animals they claim to have been instrumental in rescuing. Considering how often this has happened, their slogan should be Take The Credit, Grab the Donations, and Run.

The author of the excellent Yes! Biscuit blog has been following the latest HSUS "rescue" in Alabama. The HSUS spin on this case is dizzying. One minute, an alleged HSUS stapher insists that the dogs - rescued by a hoarder of course - were all unsocialized and reverting to pack mentality. This is why the HSUS dumped them in kill shelters, including one that still gasses animals. The next minute, the HSUS is recommending that we, the public adopt one of these dogs!

Of course, the HSUS is not spending one fucking penny of their own millions to help the dogs or the shelters that accepted them.

The author of Yes! Biscuit has decided to track down the 44 rescued dogs. So far, she's only discovered that several have been killed, and at the shelter that gasses them to death. (Thank you Wayne!) So far, the HSUS has only offered vague statements that the rest of the dogs have gone to shelters in other states.

Read about the whole sorry mess here.


Anonymous said...

People keep comparing this to pedophilia which an incurable sexual compulsion. Dogfighting is not.

HSUS is a proponent of animal abusers being rehabilitated - so are they supposed to make an exception for Vick or change their policy?

Feline Provocateur said...

Sociopathic behavior such as Vick's is not something that goes away overnight. Besides, Pacelle has already recanted. Do try to keep up.