Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now or Never: We're still just kidding about "Leave a Comment"

Last month I mentioned how difficult it was to leave a comment at the Now or Never for Dallas Animal Services blog. Seems you had to have a Wordpress account to do so.

Recently, this was changed so that Wordpress isn't needed - but you DO need to agree 100% with the blog and its authors, or your comment won't be published. Instead, you'll be moderated with a DELETE key.

You see, when I left a comment to a recent Now or Never blog entry, challenging the poster's statement that the HSUS is a moderate organization, the comment was never published. Perhaps this is due to the fact that some of the Now or
Never blog authors publicly sing the HSUS' praises.

(If you're wondering why I have major problems with the HSUS, check out their annual reports. You can download them at their Web site. It puzzles me how anyone with a brain could continue to support an organization that contributes so little to animal welfare, and so much to their in-house legal team, senior staphers, pension fund and lobbyists.)

So...if you aren't kissing Wayne Pacelle's well-polished ass, fugheddaboutit.

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Suzette Watkins said...

I haven't downloaded the tax forms, but I'll take your word! I see no billboards educating the public about humane dog care. I see no educating about anything around my town by HSUS. I look at Wayne Pacelle's picture and I think plastic. (Yes, I am flawed, I know.) I know, first hand, how Texas Humane Legislation Network operates and I know how far up HSUS's butt THLN is, I am sickened by what I know and what I see. I don't know much, I'm new to animal welfare, however, I know enough to keep my mind open, my ears perked and my eyes focused. Thanks for posting this FP!!