Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nathan Winograd's take on the THLN and HB 3450

With thanks to the anonymous commenter, I visited Nathan Winograd's blog to read his take on the THLN's decision to oppose HB 3450 (aka CAPA).

Winograd is not a mealy-mouthed individual. Here is an excerpt on his take on the THLN's stance:

"Calling for shelters to continue gassing animals, to continue killing in the face of a rescue alternative, and more, THLN’s position reveals sour grapes, stunning hubris, and a serious case of misplaced priorities."

Winograd's entire March 29 blog entry regarding the THLN is well worth a read.

And, if you haven't already figured it out, the folks at THLN are seriously in bed with the HSUS. A cursory glance at the THLN Web site confirms this. One of their top members, Skip Trimble, is holder of a PETA Activist Award - an award he downplays when anyone asks him about it. I guess he has it tucked under his bed along with Kent Robertson.


Anonymous said...

THLN supports the intent of the bill. The decision is to insure the bill is written without legal provisions. THLN has been completely misunderstood and comments regarding officers has been taken out of context. People want to automatically bash THLN because of this decision without asking why? There are provisions that need to be made to HB 3450 that would ensure the rights of the animals and caretakers. THLN has been diligently working since the closure of the 81st session in 2009 to promote puppy mill legislation that will ensure breeders treat their animals humanely and keep them in sanitary and appropriate conditions. Take the time to see what THLN is working on before you go bashing them.

Feline Provocateur said...

First of all, it's interesting how almost half of your comment has nothing to do with HB 3450. And there was no need to copy/paste. Those who read this blog tend to read all the comments.

During the past three years, I have met several members of THLN, so I've learned how they function.

Here are my problems with THLN:

1. They oppose HB 3450, but except to back-burner the bill for TWO years, they are content to do nothing except to say this:

"If the animal welfare community can come together with a consensus to move forward in the time frame left, THLN will fully support that effort."

Sheesh - anyone can sit around with their fingers crossed. THLN isn't even volunteering to arrange any sort of community discussion.

2. They are firmly in bed with the HSUS. You know, those folks who shake you down for $20 a month by showing heart-breaking video of dogs and cats in shelters - so they can give 50 cents of your $20 to a shelter. Maybe. Check out their annual reports; it's all there.

3. THLN fired one of their own (Suzette Watkins) for daring to ask who knew about Tyrone Mcgill's allowing a cat to starve to death inside the walls of DAS.

4. Skip Trimble was instrumental in hiring Kent Robertson and Tyrone McGill to run DAS. I don't why he made such stupid decisions, esp. after Kent Robertson's tenure at BARC in Houston, but let's face it: they were stupid decisions. Can we trust him to make a decision that isn't stupid?

Ultimately, I still hold that it is shameful that THLN is content to tell the proletariat to sit down, shut up and behave while the shelter killing continues for another two years. If you have not visited a kill shelter lately, I suggest you do so.

Rosebud said...

We are all quite familiar with what is going on at THLN. Any bashing is well-deserved.

Suzette Watkins said...

Anon - Your comments of "THLN has been diligently working since the closure of the 81st session in 2009 to promote puppy mill legislation..." is complete nonsense! I was heavily involved with them since then and they did nothing but have meetings and a few of us followers, at the time, held fund raisers for them. The Directors and Board members did nothing!! They don't even answer emails half the time. Rick Bousquet who was paid $50K per year for doing nothing but getting chapters started in hopes of each chapter pulling in a bunch of bucks, (which did not/has not happened) was a joke. He had no animal welfare experience and was/is a slick willie type salesmen, nothing more. Cile Holloway is stuck in the 60's and doesn't realize the world is turning. THLN deserves all of the bashing they are getting. They have not worked hard, they are not organized, they have poor leaders and are pompous, they do not know of nor care about local chapter issues and don't want the chapters to speak, just do as we say! What a poor excuse for an animal welfare organization. I know what THLN is about and I have no respect for them!

Anonymous said...

@ Suzette,

TVMA and Others in the legislature have said they have been working with THLN for more than a year so I suggest you weren't informed before being tossed. The statements of the former are on record at the capitol and/or in the newspapers as quotes.

Feline Provocateur said...


If these legislature folks have been working with THLN for more than a year, why don't we see any positive results of this? And anyone can make a statement.

Are you just drinking the THLN Kool-Aid or helping brew it up? I am beginning to suspect the latter.

Suzette Watkins said...

Anonymous - Sure, I heard that Skip Trimble was talking with TVMA. Are you saying that THLN consist of one person, Skip Trimble? All of the followers and/or supporters and/or chapter volunteers don't know beans about what 'THLN' is doing. Get real!
All THLN wants from people is money! Don't ask questions, don't make suggestions, just give us money, work to get us money and follow. Just like Cile's email said to the person who sent in question thru THLN's website the other day, "What a pain in the neck'. Ha, Cile got caught didn't she?
I still hold true to my statement of laughing about someone saying that "THLN has worked diligently since last session." HA! What a joke!

Anonymous said...

The "donors" and "volunteers" with THLN are a pain in the neck to them, the leaders, they have an agenda and if the sheeple paid attention to that part of THLN they would not support them would they? they are animal rights people who subscribe to HSUS/PETA's 12 step agenda.

It behooves the leaders to keep the "serfs" in the dark (and in line) due to needing their support.

Suzette Watkins said...

Absolutely! The above words are 100% correct.