Sunday, April 3, 2011

From THLN to the rest of us: you're a pain

Others have noticed THLN's boneheaded opposition to HB 3450 - and THLN's Cile Holloway's opinion of those who disagree with them.

From the blog O is for Onward:

But not everyone who claims to love animals was happy about the bill. A group that calls itself THLN, or “Keep on Gassing” the “Texas Humane Legislation Network,” immediately expressed its opposition to the bill on the grounds that (1) the bill was too long (an evidently impenetrable 30 double-spaced pages), (2) THLN itself did not write it, and (3) the Texas animal shelters (you know, the ones gassing our pets as you read this), which THLN calls the “true stakeholders,” evidently did not support being forcibly reformed. Thus, THLN has urged its members to fight the bill for at least two years so that shelter directors can keep on gassing chew on it for a while. The group has deemed the public’s reaction to its indefensible position inconvenient, or, to use its exact words, a “pain in the neck.”

The "pain in the neck" line is direct from a gmail that THLN's Cile Holloway sent to another THLN member - and ALSO sent to the very person she was describing. Thankfully the "pain in the neck" did not take Cile's comment lying down. I enjoyed her response.

Read it all here, backwards of course. Start from the bottom up.


Suzette Watkins said...

Texas Humane Legislation Network does not have 'members'! What is with the 'membership' comment? There are no dues, there is no organization of the supporters in reality. All one does is sign up for 'action alerts' and you're in. Thanks for posting the email. What happened, did Cile hit 'reply all' instead of just 'reply'? Oooops.
My guess is they will put Monica Hardy up to do the damage control and push other topics such as hog hunting from helicopters in order to get everyone's attention of off Cile's & THLN's PR disaster and the leader's of THLN (not the new volunteers) complete lack of concern for shelter animals.

Rosebud said...

Yes, Cile hit the "reply all". I actually sent something to your facebook page, but it was rather buried. There were also some comments as to "disgruntled" ex-THLN "members" spreading misinformation as well. I thought that might be a swat at you.