Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seagoville shelter makes the news

Even though Jonnie "Never Miss a Photo Op" England is mentioned - does she spend her days stalking TV reporters? - this WFAA article proves how any shelter can embrace No-Kill if they really want to.

I devoutly hope that the local fearmongers who oppose No-Kill and HB 3450 will sit up and take notice.


Anonymous said...

Very good, I do have a problem with "known" biters because they can give rescue a bad name, just don't pull the BS with the fake hand on some breeds. Some breeds will always test poorly with that method. Some breeds need someone who KNOWS the breed and they can walk in and never have a problem with those animals.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought Jonnie didn't do anything but drive the streets all day looking for something to snatch.

Anonymous said...

Johnnie England is another of those snobby people who think they are the only authority on shelter animals in DFW. YUK!! We are moving on w/out you, Johnnie! You are without courage. YUK!!