Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not all writers resort to lies...

... in fact, the author of the Houston Animal Shelters section, Bett Sundermeyer, has done her journalistic homework when it comes to HB 3450.

Here is an excerpt:

Ms. Poling claims that the reason that Dallas' animal control “shelter” kills 23,000 of the 30,000 animals that enter its doors every year is because of “irresponsible people" but we have research that proves that this is not true.

This sort of attitude - branding the public as "irresponsible", and therefore responsible for the actions of a shelter that is not held responsible for its actions - is, well, stupid. It's the same blame-game attitude that helped bring in the 2008 animal ordinances.

According to the committee-sitters, people here in Dallas are too stupid to figure out how many pets they can handle, so this must be dictated. Or that those who own intact animals owe the city a big fat stinkin' registration fee as punishment for their decision not to spay or neuter their pet. (It doesn't matter that the owner may have a legitimate reason not to do so.)

Consequently, it's no surprise that, according to the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission, local pet registrations decreased in 2010. And hardly any owners of intact pets have paid the blackmail fee.

Treating the public like juvenile delinquents, while you get comfy on your committee-sitting butts, is no way to save animals. Neither is telling the public to shut up and keep accepting the same useless methods that ensure we continue to kill the majority of animals that end up at Dallas Animal Services.


Anonymous said...

Very good, those who aren't the problem should not be penalized with excess taxes on their animals.

Disallowing people with breed rescues due to making a law to INSPECT their HOMES (it would seem not all of the rescues have been forced to do this) before allowing them to rescue at COD is a bad thing, it kills.

Anonymous said...

"Committee sitters," I love it!!