Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Be careful what you wish for, Dallas

A certain Dallas writer published a real winner today. In her opinion, those who support HB 3450 should remember her mother's comment "Be careful what you wish for", ad nauseum.

I'm not going to identify the author, as the article was a shameful masterpiece of fear-mongering. Instead of doing what a real journalist would do - take a look at similar bills that have passed in other states, like Hayden's Law* in California - she insisted that passage of this bill would result in hell on earth for shelter animals.

Here's an excerpt:

Legislating that shelters hold every impounded animal five days, whether there is room for them or not, will result in further over-crowding of our already over-stuffed, understaffed, and under-funded municipal shelters.

She conveniently forgot to mention that if the city hadn't passed certain pet limit and registration laws in 2008 - laws that have crashed and burned time and time again - many would-be rescuers wouldn't be worried about a DAS raid if they pulled one or two additional animals from the municipal shelter.

She even suggests we send some money to THLN to support them. WTF? (Yes, I know I promised to stop mentioning THLN, but this suggestion was too ridiculous to let slide.)

All I can suggest to this author is:

Your refusal to research different methods of animal management, or to think for yourself, tells us that you only care about your own PR.

And while you're at it, go tell the employees at Dallas Animal Services that you're going to do your best to ensure that they continue to kill almost 80% of animals in their care, day in and day out.

You never took that compassion crap seriously, did you?

Excuse me while I find an Alka-Seltzer.

* Since its passage, Hayden's Law has not resulted in the hellish scenario dreamed up by Miss Be Careful What You Wish For. While it hasn't solved every shelter problem overnight, it has contributed to increased cooperation between shelters and rescue groups, and more animals saved.


I'm for HB 3450 said...

I knew it'd be RP as the author. She's a puppet for THLN & HSUS and one of the very pompous, I'm part of the smart crowd mentality. We should feel half way successful/proud that she (they) felt the need to come out against it so publically. They must feel threatened.

Feline Provocateur said...

I just looked at the article again. Last night it said "2 comments", but this morning it only has one - from someone who totally agrees with her.

Does anyone want to try to post a comment with an opposing view? I'd bet the rent that you're censored/deleted.

I'm for HB 3450 said...

Not me, you couldn't pay me enough to click on the article again. Who cares what RP thinks or prints, I don't! She's ignorant.

Feline Provocateur said...

Hey, I'm for HB3450, I just checked on the "click through" rate for articles. It's one cent per click. Hehehe.

I'm for HB 3450 said...

:) Yes, we love it. :)