Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THLN obfuscates; calls it a "clarification"

This is taken verbatim from THLN's Facebook page. I think it's on their Web site as well. I've added my own cynical comments which are in italics.

Clarification to Position Statement on HB 3450

We would like to thank our supporters for all of the feedback and attention to our position on this bill. We would also like to clarify what seems to be gross misunderstandings and misrepresentations of THLN's position on HB 3450.

Dang. First we're pains in the neck, now we're gross.

First and foremost, as stated in our original position statement, THLN is 100% SUPPORTIVE of the intended good of the bill.

The Bill is well-meaning and has many admirable goals, goals that we support fully as an organization. However, as is currently written, there is significant potential for serious animal welfare problems that people may not fully understand.

Yes, we're all dumber than you, esp. those without law degrees.

By mandating many of the Bill's standards for all shelters of all sizes statewide there is profound likelihood for unintended negative consequences for the animals that all of us are trying to help.

THLN has received numerous statements of concern from private and public shelters, and animal care and control organizations regarding the unintended consequences which would result from HB 3450 as currently written.

Would you care sharing even 1% of these "statements of concern"? No need to identify the shelter or organization. Otherwise, some of us will think you might be making this stuff up.

Given the compact timeframe for this year’s session (less than two months left) and the numerous stakeholders involved, we standby our original statement that we believe it is impractical to expect to resolve the complex issues created in time to craft a comprehensive bill that all affected parties can sign on to, and that will truly benefit the animals.

Well, continuing to kill and gas animals won't benefit them at all. And you're asking us to shut up and behave for TWO more years.

The impact to the well being (sp?) of animals is at the core of our values. All bills must have the input of affected stakeholders to measure the true outcome and effectiveness of each bill. Currently, HB 3450 does not have the full input of all parties that work in animal welfare. Intent alone does not create good policy.

Inaction does not create ANY policy, nor does it affect positive change. You know, like fewer dead animals.

We are hopeful that all concerned parties can work together to craft a bill that has the capability for true change and reform for the animals of Texas. If the animal welfare community can come together with a consensus to move forward in the time frame left, THLN will fully support that effort.

Being hopeful works about as well as intent when it comes to creating good policy - or change, for that matter.


Suzette Watkins said...

We should give them no more attention. They don't deserve it. They do nothing to work with the entire animal welfare community. "One should not ask of others what one refuses to do oneself." Author unknown a the moment
THLN is in the business of protecting the status quo of Texas' animal 'shelters', not the dogs!

Feline Provocateur said...

Not a bad idea, giving THLN no more attention.

Here's the last attention I will give THLN in the form of a PSA. Their Treasurer, Skip Trimble, is also responsible for hiring Tyrone McGill to run Dallas Animal Services.

If this isn't proof of THLN's ineffectiveness*, I don't know what is.

* I used this word instead of something more accurate as I am feeling charitable today.

Suzette Watkins said...

Lucky Skip that you felt charitable. :)

Anonymous said...

And now Skip wants to hire KUNKLE for Mayor to be sure that Natinsky doesn't get in. After all, Natinsky originally voted against the 2008 ordinance and had been the one to appoint Skip as his Shelter member but then did NOT do it the last time and then Skip, Chairman, had no sponsor til Preston Pearson was fired (he never went anyhow but was the "token" celebrity) and his sponsor put up Skip to keep him on the Commission....interesting little lpolitical game for Mayor of Dallas....just what Dallas needs, a policeman running the shelter, one running the Mayors office (will he try to build another hotel?) and the city keeps going downhill.

Rosebud said...

Yes, we should be very mindful that Natinsky was a vote against those onerous, restrictive, and punitive 2008 ordinances. HE, in fact, was the one that took the statistics that Skip was floating around the city in regard to the number of strays in our city...and determined that the number was so outrageous that we would be knee deep in dogs in every single square mile of the city. THAT was when he began digging deeper into shelter policies on HIS OWN, and why, even in the face of overwhelming defeat, he voted "no", along with Kadane, and Hunt. Carolyn Davis, who had feigned support for our cause, even coming to the Dallas Dog shows to present awards for our Parade of Rescues...was the one to re-appoint Skip when Natinsky would have nothing to do with putting him back on the commission. I haven't seen Kunkle say anything that doesn't reek of simple Dallas politics. He wants to "work toward" a No-Kill city, but has no idea how to get there...and DAS certainly has no desire to become a No-Kill city, either. At least not in the true sense of No-Kill (Upper Case). Kunkle is just regurgitating sound bites that make him sound like more than he is.

Anonymous said...

THLN's Puppy Mill Bill derailed. Those dumb butts didn't have their stuff straight did they? Disorganization and playing sly (or thinking they were) got the Bill sent off and back around again. HA!! They deserve it!! The cruelty laws that wrote years ago, don't work worth a darn now, what makes anyone think the PMB will work?