Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some interesting Poling/Winograd trivia

Recently, Facebook readers following HB 3450 were treated to a smackdown administered by No-Kill advocate Nathan Winograd. (See my blog post of April 12.)

The receipient of the smackdown was Keep The Status Quo advocate Rebecca Poling. She never responded to Winograd's Facebook remarks.

Being stuck in yet another airport this afternoon, I decided to surf around and see if I could find any related postings regarding this altercation. Although Poling never replied to Winograd's comments on Facebook, perhaps she had elsewhere.

While I didn't find anything recent, I did find a snarky anti-Winograd remark posted by Poling almost two years ago, in May 2009. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page, to the comments section.

The main article is about Nathan Winograd's book Redemption. Ms. Poling either didn't read the book, or she needed help with the big words. As her comment is:
  • Wow - Nathan just keeps taking credit for more and more doesn't he?*

The only problem with this is that, in Redemption, Winograd isn't taking credit for the tenets of No Kill. Instead, he's simply presenting his argument and the requirements for No Kill in a clear format.

I don't know why Ms. Poling made this remark. Maybe she just needed help with the big words in Redemption. Or, more probably, she never read the book. Maybe Stacy Smith told her not to.

Maybe she's just annoyed because Winograd refuses to blame the public for high euthanasia rates. You know, like like Skippy and the THLN sycophants continue doing, year after year after tired year...

* While it's possible that someone else pretended to be Poling and posted this, I doubt it. One has to register/log in to post in Yahoo.


Anonymous said...

Poling is such a snobby bitch.

Feline Provocateur said...

Not only is she snobby, she's desperately in need of a hairbrush.

Last year someone took a cell phone photo of the back of her head during a Shelter Commission meeting and e-mailed it to me. Her hair was a solid rat's nest. It looked like she'd just gotten out of bed in time to make the 1:30 meeting.

I took the high road and eventually deleted the photo, but nowadays I'm wishing I hadn't done so.