Sunday, May 15, 2011

The return of Kent Robertson

A lot of us were hoping that Kent had either taken early retirement or switched careers. Especially those of us who remember his non-performance at BARC in Houston. Also, the fact that euthanasia rates at Dallas Animal Services actually increased when he was running the place.

But I was reading the East Lake Pet Orphanage's newsletter yesterday and - WTF! I spotted Kent.

Here's the scary bit: He now RUNS East Lake Pet Orphanage. Whatever happened to the concept of background checks?

While I'm not familiar with how ELPO is run, I've not heard anything bad about it either. They claim to be no-kill, and I haven't received any information to challenge this. And their mission statement is careful NOT to bash other rescues. So maybe this is a job that doesn't require analytical thought processes from Kent. Or much else.

If you need proof, here's a photo from the newsletter:

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Anonymous said...

That is a group of AR vet's that some are also married to vets at other hospitals! and each year they give a "fancy" wine party for $100 donations per person they say is for RESCUE. Lists then come from different vet's offices for invitations.....interesting isn't it?

My experience with "fancy" parties for "donations" is that if you just ask people for donations and not give them "wine, dinner, expensive decore" you will have more money to pay for RESCUE.