Monday, May 10, 2010

Congrats to Cowtown

Here's a link to the article about the City of Fort Worth's getting with Petsmart Charities to increase adoptions:

Unique Collaboration Saves Pets in Fort Worth

Considering that the City of Dallas managed a grand total of 12 off-site adoptions during the last quarter of 2009 - see Page 2 of the minutes of the Feb 2010 Animal Shelter Commission meeting - perhaps they should wander over to Cowtown and ask for help. Or go directly to Petsmart Charities, a group who appears to reasonably respected within the rescuer community.

In the meantime, the good citizens of Dallas County wait to hear about the $25K worth of advice the HSUS provided Dallas Animal Services last month. I haven't heard or read a peep from anyone, not even the Shelter Commission members who worship at the feet of Wayne Pacelle. Has anyone else?

Considering that the HSUS was demanding confidentiality during this meeting, I don't think a phone call to HSUS will get me anywhere but put on indefinite hold. But I may attempt to call the HSUS Shelter Evaluation department this week and see if I can get an update without having to pay for it. I'm kind of curious as to what sort of reception I'll get.

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Cindy said...

Go to the website for Ft Worth Animal Control and see if they killed too many since passing their new ordinance last year. My bet is you will see that if they hadn't been in such a hurry to kill so many, they would have had more to "sell"....ahem adopt out!