Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strange goings-on with an ASC member's Facebook page

First of all, I need to apologize for not explaining my lack of postings. My father went into the hospital after a bad fall so I have been in AZ the last few days. Thankfully my father is much better and back at home.

While catching up at Facebook earlier today, I visited the various pro- and anti-HSUS pages. I noticed that a member of the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission, Rebecca Poling, is suddenly unhappy with the HSUS.

Since she's the same ASC member who claims to be responsible for chasing down $25K so Dallas Animal Services could pay HSUS to tell them what they were doing wrong, I thought it strange that Rebecca's suddenly ready to take out a hit on Pacelle and Co.

Here's a screen grab from her Facebook page - for the uninitiated, I'm fairly sure she is referring to Companions for Life, another of her many surplus PR exercises, when she mentions CFL:

It's a complete turnaround from her comment posted at the Stop Humanewatch Wall Photos section:

However, although she seems to have confused plenty of her Facebook blingfriends, no one's the wiser. So I am clueless as to why the Pacelle/Poling honeymoon is over. Any readers care to guess what's going on?


Rosebud said...

Don't worry, they've already "kissed and made up"... And none of us really knows what happened. But interesting...

By the way, when I saw the ASC minutes over the past couple of meetings, I noticed that Ron Natinsky had a new representative for his district...not Skip. He told us during the 2008 fiasco that he would not be reappointing him. And I didn't realize I knew his representative until this weekend. I was amazed at some of the rather rational remarks coming from this woman and now I know why. Gloria Blum is a well-known and long-time Pekingese breeder in Dallas. She was very involved with our initial organizational efforts, and I'm tickled to death to see her on the Commission. Sure wish we could have rid ourselves of Skip, but unfortunately, Carolyn Davis (who bailed on us during the vote...) reappointed him. I think Gloria is really Sheffie Kadane's appointee, but is serving in the slot left vacant when Natinksy would not reappoint Skip. We finally at least have a voice on the commission from the breeding/exhibiting community, and some modicum of transparency.

Cindy said...

Not knowing which Monday this refers to, the one just passed or several Mondays? nor what the other 5 comments were its hard to say, but did you look at the website for CFL to see what they are doing or suggesting? that HSUS may have gotten from Poling? when they were in Dallas in April. We still do not know what the suggestions were for the Dallas Shelter, you know.

Feline Provocateur said...

In response to Cindy's comments: These were posted just this past Monday, sorry I didn't clarify. I also surfed over to the CFL site but didn't see anything that jumped out at me as "stolen by the HSUS".

But then we don't know what DAS got in exchange for the $25k they handed over to the HSUS last month, either. Perhaps DAS and/or the Shelter Commission is too embarrassed (or pissed off) to share the details with Dallas taxpayers.

At least we didn't have to cough up the $25k HSUS fee like we did a few years ago.

Kelley said...

That's just wow...bizarre.