Friday, May 14, 2010

Nathan Winograd takes on Pacelle

Although I have not read either of Nathan Winograd's books, the fact that he has assisted shelters with lowering their no-kill rates (without charging HSUS consulting fees) earns him credibility.

I particularly enjoyed his entry Going Rogue, in which he takes on Wayne Pacelle. Winograd is not a mealy-mouthed person and lets the chips fall where they may. Herewith an excerpt - if you click over to the page, there are links that substantiate Winograd's accusations:

Wayne Pacelle’s rewriting of history adds another to his growing list of disturbing titles

Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, is many things: a dog killer such as when he lobbied the court to kill puppies and other dogs in Wilkes County, NC. He is an embracer of dog killers such as when he made the most notorious animal abuser of our generation a spokesman for HSUS, without asking for anything substantive in return such as the names and locations of other dog fighters. He is an apologist for killing who has referred to No Kill as hoarding in Newsweek, attacked No Kill on the pages of USA Today, and steadfastly defended shelters that kill against reformers trying to save lives, as he did in King County (WA). He is a thief, stealing the money that belongs to other groups by fundraising off of their work and success and trying to pass it off as his own as he recently did with the “Faye Fundraising Debacle.” Thanks to his latest blog, add “revisionist historian” to his growing list of disturbing titles. For those who prefer plain speaking, it means Wayne Pacelle is also a liar.

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Cindy said...

I am curious about something, is there some reason that you have not put HUMANEWATCH.ORG on you list of things "Interesting" on here? They have so much good information on that website. I can't say that I agree with what they are doing with different shelters and what his criteria is, but someone else is "working" on finding that out. He may not realize that some shelters are really, really, really not good due to the people running them.