Friday, June 24, 2011

Jody Jones: Dare we hope?

Although local media has picked up the news that Dallas Animal Services has a new shelter manager, not much has been said about her management style. However, this was brought up in detail at yesterday's Animal Shelter Commission Meeting. (More about this meeting later, as I sort through the notes kindly emailed to me.)

Fortunately, the news looks good. I spotted this press release online at

Please join us for the announcement of a nationally-significant award recognizing the achievements of the Richmond community in saving the life of every healthy, homeless animal in the City of Richmond since Jan. 1, 2006.

Schedule of speakers:

Robin Robertson Starr, chief executive officer, Richmond SPCA
Richard Avanzino, president, Maddie’s Fund
Mayor Dwight C. Jones, city of Richmond
Jody Jones, shelter manager, Richmond Animal Care & Control

Maddie’s Fund designed the Lifesaving Award to acknowledge the contributions of community coalitions such as the partnership between Richmond Animal Care & Control and the Richmond SPCA, which result in saving the lives of all healthy, homeless pets in the community and that are likely to sustain an adoption guarantee in the future. This recognition is for lifesaving work in the years of 2006 and 2007.

Statistics for the two shelters making up the coalition were submitted to Maddie’s Fund by the Richmond SPCA. Both organizations collect data for the animals in their care based on the Asilomar Accords, which provide for consistent reporting across agencies.

If you're wondering what the Asilomar Accords are, check them out here.

I can't help but wonder if everyone at DAS, City Hall and the Animal Shelter Commission will be able to accept and implement the Asilomar Accords. If they do, perhaps the vendettas we've seen in the past - which were always fueled by a DAS and/or Shelter Commission member - will cease. It would be good for the animals, no?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Is this person connected to Skip Trimble and/or HSUS in any way? Just wondering.

Feline Provocateur said...

I really don't think Jody Jones has any Trimble/HSUS connection.

From what I've heard about last week's Commission meeting, she is a big believer in the No-Kill Equation philosophy as popularized by Nathan Winograd, which is about as far as away as you can get from the HSUS philosophy.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that she doesn't understand ANIMALS from an article in the DMN on Aug 17? about some animals killed and they thought it was cruelty because the legs of a cat were left and it had looked like they were severed by someone. They have since decided it was another animals, like wildlife and there are coyotes and bobcats in the area BUT they can "severe" like someone with an object at the JOINTS. Now that being said it said 2 legs of a cat, now I show dogs and the leg is from hip to the toes in general but I wonder if they meant from the HOCK to the toes and called it leg rather than the stifle to the bend in the stifle (knee or between the THIGH and the LEG (think chicken folks) and then down to the hock where there isn't real meat? most animals will eat that too but, not if they aren't that hungry.

I liked the part where they said code said to keep them in the house and they wouldn't get hurt.....isn't that NOT the norm if you have a YARD? and won't they come after you for CRUELTY if they are kept IN (or did they must mean CATS? and didn't say it?)