Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mayor Pre Tend

Since the current mayoral race is/was pretty boring, I thought it would be a convenient time to reflect on what the Dallas Observer's Jim Schutz wittily described as The Reign of Dwayne:

Saying Goodbye to Dwaine Caraway, the Mayor of our Dreams

Here's hoping the next guy is just as bold and bumbling.

I particularly enjoyed this excerpt:

Take his recent ethics reform push. It's been talked to death, but the basic concept is so wonderfully—how to put it?—so wonderfully Caraway.

With no public debate, he introduced a measure that he said would repair a grievous wrong perpetrated on citizens by an earlier ethics law. That law prohibited a citizen from giving council members money right after a council vote on something of importance to that citizen.

Caraway said the law was preventing a lot of people who wanted to give the council members money from doing so. The poor things. Wads of money in their hands and nobody to grease with it.

It's not unrelated to the poker house deal. The underlying principle is the same in both.

Hey, that's my money.

Hey, that's my poker house.

But again—and this is the more important part—it worked. The council voted unanimously to adopt the Mayor Dwaine Caraway Ethics Reform Ordinance.

Last but not least, just in case you missed these, here is a rarely-seen photograph of Dwayne doing what he does best - embarrass the crap out of himself, and the citizens of Dallas. I suppose the city was running short of dog-torturing sociopath football players on this occasion:

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