Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Animal Shelter Commission meets tomorrow - but it wasn't posted

Having received two e-mails asking me if I were attending the April 22 meeting, but being unable to find a single mention of it at the Dallas City Hall web site, I finally called the City Secretary's office.

Seems that the Animal Shelter Commission IS meeting tomorrow - 1:30 pm in room 6E South - but it was not posted online because of "scanning problems".

However, according to the Texas Open Meetings Act, notice of this the meeting has to be posted 72 hours prior to the start.

Who is buying into the "scanning problems" excuse?

Anyone who shares my concern about the Commission should attend if at all possible. There is a growing contingent of citizens - and rescuers - who believe that the Commission is not acting in the best interests of Dallas County's animals, or their owners. Showing up in person is an excellent way of letting them know.


Cindy said...

Perhaps you misunderstood them and they said "scaMMing" problems, it is not the first time they have done that and I did see they changed location more than once.

PJBoosinger said...

I love the continued use of tech excuses when stuff like this can be done with a $50 scanner or at, um, uh, Kinkos, internet cafes...

I think Cindy's right; scamming, not scanning :)

Feline Provocateur said...

I've just spent about an hour on the phone to different City Hall offices. Was I able to get a copy of tomorrow's Shelter Commission agenda? Hell, no. I was a telecomms hot potato.

I second Cindy's comment!

Cindy said...

Now it would be interesting to know why they aren't meeting at the shelter, could Skippy be paving the way for more bad ordinances with council members before the meeting? or parking free while visiting with City Attorneys or judges about cruelty cases?

Feline Provocateur said...

I managed to get a copy of the agenda from the City Secretary's office, but it's VERY short. I think they've decided that making their meeting sound boring will discourage the public from attending. I'll post later - can't access docstoc from work.