Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming soon: DAS inspection videos

I am currently editing videos shot by volunteers during various DAS inspections of the Texas Pawprints shelter. I hope to begin posting them by the end of the week, but my workload is piling up so they may not appear until next week.

The reason I'm not planning to initially post each inspection in its entirety - at least not here - is that they're kind of long and not exactly action-packed.

However, to stop any accusations of selective editing, spin, or anything else, I do plan to eventually post each inspection video in its entirety, as long as there aren't any shots of DAS inspectors or volunteers picking their noses or scratching. One gets the impression that the Animal Control inspectors aren't part of the vendetta, and are only doing their jobs.

(Well, unless you've been sucked into it like Federico Chavez - check out his odd e-mail series from last month. I've yet to receive an explanation from him, and neither has the e-mails' recipient.)

So if the rumor factory had you wondering what was really going on ... it'll be here soon in living color.

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