Monday, April 5, 2010

Legal opinions needed

One quickie before I leave...I received this link over the weekend. It's verbose but still suggests that the current searches and seizures carried out by various animal control facilities, humane societies and SPCA chapters are illegal.

Clicking on the additional links on the left-hand side of the site takes you to more cases where animal owners lose their animals for no valid reason - and often lose much more. It's scary, police-state stuff.

I have not had time to investigate the legal implications, so comments regarding possible violations of the US Constitution (due process and other sections) are espeically welcome.

One particular irony is that some rescuers who rescued sick animals from local animal control facilities were promptly accused by the same AC facility of cruelty as they were found with sick animals in their possession. Since a sick animal generally does not recover overnight, this sort of ridiculous harassment will discourage any rescue who is willing to work with them. And more of them will die.

It reminds me of how many animal control facilities will euthanize animals with ringworm, even though it's more unsightly than anything else. It's a skin condition that causes temporary hair loss and it's not caused by a worm. It's caused by a fungus that's almost identical to the fungus that causes athlete's foot. So it's like getting the death penalty for athlete's foot.

My ex-girlfriend fostered several cats and kittens with ringworm and she's still walking around unscarred. She swore by tea tree soap, as seems this keeps the fungus from spreading to people.


PJBoosinger said...

Great link that I hadn't found yet. Kudos!

"comments regarding possible violations of the US Constitution (due process and other sections) are especially welcome"
In times to come, we'll need to write entire books to cover the violations being done in recent years.

"It's scary, police-state stuff."
Yes it is indeed! Are your eyes crossing yet FP? Welcome to our nightmare.

Safe travels, have a good trip, and come back safe, happy and rested if you can. This war needs your great contributions.

Rosebud said...

Ditto. What PJ said... :)