Thursday, April 29, 2010

The case of the disappearing agenda

Even though it was pretty dull, the Animal Shelter Commission finally published an agenda for their HSUS meeting on Tuesday. I don't have a clue how this meeting went, as nobody wants to talk about it, even Commission members who update their Facebook/Twitter pages on a daily basis. (Was it that bad?)

Problem is, when I visited the City Secretary's web site to snag a copy of the agenda for posteriority, I found that it was gone:

Also, the minutes for the Animal Shelter Commission's February meeting still haven't been posted, although they were finalized during their recent meeting. Considering that there is usually no difference between the draft and final versions, I can only assume that City Hall is having more of those darn scanner problems.


Found a copy I'd printed out, so I scanned it for posteriority. To enlarge it, click on it once - depending on your browser you may be able to click on it again to make it life-size:


Cindy said...

What a shame you hadn't posted it here as you did last week's meeting.

I think you need to print things out when you see them and save the webpage showing the dates as well on your computer or put the picture on the blog or all 3.

Cindy said...

Very good, keep it up. Now, if anyone only knew if there was even one [outsider] who went to that meeting on Tuesday or if all who might have were convinced it was closed to the public, it would be nice to know.

JungleMan said...

I think it's pretty impressive that they were able to get at least one thing done at that meeting. But I guess we'd have to see the minutes to find out if they actually did.