Friday, September 17, 2010

20/20 expose of local SPCAs, circa 2005

If you read the Comments under each blog entry, you may have noticed an anonymous commenter mention this:

I decided to check it out and found the URL above.

I'm afraid one has to buy the 20/20 video segment, and I couldn't find it posted online anywhere. But the abcnewsstore link has a fairly comprehensive write-up of the contents of the segment.

While I was looking for a video, I also Googled a couple of names mentioned. The 20/20 report certainly riled up quite a few people on both sides of the fence. Some insisted that the report was totally erroneous, others said it was spot-on.

Currently I'm looking for legal documents associated with the seizures mentioned here:

This URL is ABC's response to the SPCA when they accused 20/20 of false reporting.

If you find any before I do, I would appreciate their being forwarded their URLs. Then perhaps we can find out who's truthing and who's lying.

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