Thursday, September 2, 2010

Those disappearing comments

I receive email confirmations each time a new comment is posted, but when looking at the blog itself this morning, I realize that at least two of them aren't showing up now.

Seems that Blogger now has a spam filter for comments! Crap!

I've gone in and marked all comments "not spam", so hopefully everything's showing up now. Later today, I am going to see if I can turn off this silly-ass filter. I didn't ask for it to be activated.

I NEVER delete a comment - instead, if I disagree with one, I respond to it.

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PJBoosinger said...

"I NEVER delete a comment" HaHa. I bet that changes. I didn't think I ever would when I first started and then I saw what real spam is. As your popularity grows, you simply won't believe the real spam that will start showing up. It's automated and comes in waves and, if you don't delete it, it gets worse and worse.

As you approve real comments and kick the sales and XXX stuff, the filter will be trained and it will get easier to manage. Those of us who frequent many locations and comment often are the ones who will be confused for spammers for a while.

It's unlikely you can turn the filter off completely and might be unwise to do so. If the filter has kicked on, there might be a reason for that. Unless you want XXX type spam at 10:1 for real comments, you may want to rethink your policy at some point :)