Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dallas City Hall's real identity revealed

One of my favorite films is Robocop. There's a lot going on: it's a bleak futuristic film, but with a healthy dose of satire thrown in.

For those who haven't seen Robocop, the title character is the invention of a mega-corporation who is hoping to take over just about everything, including the police force. Robocop is actually a prototype cyborg: a machine with a brain harvested from a policeman killed in the line of duty.

Most of Robocop was filmed here in Dallas, with Dallas City Hall acting as the mega-corporation's headquarters. Here's a still from the film:

It's ironic that City Hall's current population contains many who would fit right into the movie: unscrupulous, ego-driven, and with no sense of duty. Sigh.

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