Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of the perps of the Pawprints vendetta

Like a lot of other people, I've wondered why certain rescue groups and rescuers have been singled out for harassment by Dallas Animal Services, while others are singled out for near-worship.

I'm particularly fascinated by the Texas Pawprints saga for two reasons: a) it's been going on since literally 2004, and b) I adopted my cat from Pawprints.

Recently I was sent some information about how the vendetta started:

One vendetta perpetrator - an ex-Texas Pawprints volunteer - now sits on the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission.

Another vendetta perpetrator runs a bunch of those silly coalitions I mentioned a few days ago.

I think we can safely infer that belonging to the Commission or being tight with DAS (or both) gives you unlimited power to harass other, genuine animal rescuers to your heart's content. This because nobody at City Hall has the balls to stop you.

Considering that the Vendetta Sisters describe themselves as animal lovers while they attempt to force others to rescuer fewer animals - which would certainly result in the death of even more homeless animals – it doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? But then nobody here is accusing these two of being sensible.

Anyway, here's a bit more about the first Vendetta Sister (let's call her X for now) courtesy of the Pawprints shelter director:

"In 2004 we picked up a single volunteer and a group of women* who were friends who wanted to volunteer.

The single one, X, lasted a few months where I discovered although was was fun to be around and talked a good talk, she was also good at rescuing and then not being able to "stand it." Her mental health, you know - so she'd bring her latest rescues over to our shelter and dump them.

Around August of that year, we were housing 6 semi-feral teenagers and a nursing mom with 5 or 6 newborns. We try not to keep moms and newborns in the building - URI** is just too common and they're high-risk. But this didn't bother X.

She decided we weren't medicating her ferals properly, called and harangued me on the phone until I told her I was at work, they were being cared for and I was ending the conversation.

Within the hour I received a call from some volunteers who were working at the building that she had arrived, stomped up stairs, slammed carriers and cages, pulled her six teens and left after writing in our log that we were never to call her again. Note - she left the mom and kittens. We never called her again."

So, in the past six years, it looks like X has never ceased her tantrum-throwing. Instead, she took it to new levels. But since she's now on the Animal Shelter Commission, she has the ideal means to continue her vendetta ad infinitum. Or until all of the groups she's persecuting move out of Dallas County.

More later, including a scan of X's log entry/resignation letter. She may eventually regret her literary tantrum.

* More about this group later - after stealing a four-figure sum from the Pawprints bank account, they departed for what I'll politely describe as a "new beginning".
** URI = Upper Respiratory Infection.


PJBoosinger said...

"including a scan of X's log entry/resignation"

Don't ya luv it when they put it in print :)

Feline Provocateur said...

Yep! Kind of hard to argue with it, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this. I have been following Texas Paworints' struggles. It is so sad and appalling that this amazing dedicated group has been prevented from carrying out its mission to care for homeless cats. It is so frustrating - and, of course, as always the animals suffer because of selfish human behavior.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the building. What was suffering was the cats. Sick,crowded, filthy conditions.

Feline Provocateur said...

Perhaps the last commenter will tune in when I begin uploading videos of the Pawprints shelter next week. But I kind of doubt it.

Also, Anonymous here isn't really anonymous since I'm using Woopra to track site visitors. :D