Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More reasons to trap, neuter and release the HSUS "review" of DAS

One thing I learned in college is that you can learn a lot about a corporation simply by studying their annual report.

After looking at the HSUS' recent annual reports, I came away with some depressing figures:

Less than a half of a percent of the HSUS' $100 million of donations goes to help pets in shelters--dogs and cats.

This means that when those HSUS TV advertisements beg you to send them "just $19 a month", and you take the bait, you'll be sending them $228 a year.

Animal shelters will only get $1.03 of your $228 annual donation.

If you care about animal welfare, find a local rescue group and pitch in. After the first dog or cat shows you their appreciation, you'll know you've done the right thing. Your karma will improve, and it's a super way to make new friends. And you won't have to worry about where your donations go - your time is your donation.

Looking back at the history of the HSUS, it becomes obvious that a once-respectable group has lost their way. It's a common phenomenon: you get too big and you lose track of what really matters.

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PJBoosinger said...

TNR HSUS; Love it!