Friday, March 19, 2010

More mop-up from DAS

As DAS works to close more of the city's few animal shelters, it makes the obligatory "help us, it's kitten and puppy season" again.

A depressing tip, sent to Larry Powell's blog and duly passed on: that “kitten season” is underway, there’s a need for more people and rescue groups to step up and help empty the cages in the kind fashion.

The other way of emptying the cages is ugly and surely citizens of Dallas don’t want to be known as living in the city that kills more animals than it saves. {Author's note: You mean the current DAS euthanasia rate? We ARE living in a city that kills many more than it saves...)

We got the tip on this Mom and her litter from Kathleen Moore of Paws In The City. She’s been in touch with Dallas Animal Services Control Officer Mark Cooper and she writes that there is an “urgent need” to find rescue groups to help keep the shelter’s kitty population safe.

Contact Officer Cooper at

Yes, the need is so urgent that DAS is hell-bent on closing more of them down (or encouraging them to move out of Dallas County). Did Gail Whelan ever get any relief, or is DAS still pissing on her shoes and insisting it's raining?


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog everyday. I thought you had insight. But now I am convinced you are a nut. Has anyone ever asked the rescues:
1. How long do dogs stay in crates and warehouse with no exercise? Sometimes stacked to the ceiling with crates falling over. Really is that a way to live.
2. How many pets does a neighbor have to put up with living next door to a rescuer or hoarder? Not everyone wants to smell or hear their pets.
3. How many cats in one house exceptable? 100-200-300? All breathing each other's disease and snotting nose's and eye's.

4. What is Dallas Animal Services suppose to do with 10x's the dogs and cats going in than going out? Go ahead and blame the city. Best deal in town, spay/neutured, heart worm tested, for 60 bucks.

Its easy to spout out the problems and play the blame game. Just wish once I could read a real solution to some of these problems.

The rules are simple. Established by the city. Not Animal Services. Yes, tax-payers make the rules and pay animal services to enforce them.
Because we are animal lovers, doesn't mean everyone else is. Maybe some people would like to go out and play or eat in their own yard without the smell of a feral colony using their yard for a kitty litter box. Rescuer's, hoarders , collectors which ever you want to call yourself move to a place that you dont infridge on the rights of others.

Off my soap box now. But remember there is allways two sides to every story. Working together will allways have a better out-come than pointing fingers.

PJBoosinger said...

"Really is that a way to live"
It's darn sure better than the alternative of "dead" in my book. Alive means there's still a chance for the animal; dead means NO chance. So, who are you to dictate that dead is better than alive in any condition?

I don't want to hear or smell my neighbor's rickety, old, belching truck as he comes and goes at all hours of the day or night. But it's his truck on his land. If YOU don't want to put up with neighbors, then buy a big chunk of land at the end of nowhere; otherwise, suck it up 'cause I'll bet you're no prize for a neighbor either.

"How many cats in one house exceptable?" As many as the owner wants and your/the public's only interest sufficient to butt in is when you can PROVE that any negative health problems extend beyond that person's property line!

"10x's the dogs and cats going in than going out" For starters, stop seizing animals JUST to kill them until they can get the kill rate down because, again, alive is better than dead!

"move to a place that you dont infridge on the rights of others"
How about everyone, including DAS, stop infringing the rights of others?
PS: Have you tried spell check lately?