Sunday, March 7, 2010

The plot thickens even more

Earlier today I received several forwarded emails, all correspondence between a Texas Pawprints volunteer and Federico Chavez of Dallas Animal Services.

I checked the email headers to make sure the source wasn't forged - there are plenty of spoofers out there - but the headers checked out. (Headers are available upon request, I'm not posting them here as they aren't that interesting and take up a lot of space.)

These emails were traded the last week of February 2010, just days before Code Compliance and Dallas Animal Services visited the Texas Pawprints shelter on March 1st. I posted details of this chicanery here last week.

Although I'm only posting screen shots of two emails, there were a total of five sent between Federico and the volunteer, who prefers to be anonymous for all too obvious reasons.

The first email was sent from the volunteer to Federico, asking him to send paperwork he'd promised to deliver after the last Pawprints shelter inspection last December. Federico had wanted to see the shelter's Articles of Incorporation before giving the place his blessing and the volunteer had provided them.

In this email, Federico is asking to meet with the shelter director to go over some paperwork that he promises to produce - but won't describe or identify, even after being asked to do so:

However, the NIGHT before he is to meet with the shelter director - two days before Code Compliance paid their March 1st visit to the shelter - Federico decides to cancel:

Check out the time this one arrived. It's almost 9:00 pm Saturday night.

The real kicker is that, when Federico and his posse showed up Monday to raid an empty shelter building, he accused the shelter director of not having federal non-profit status. Which is crap. I looked it up for myself at, and so can anyone else.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what Federico was really up to when he sent these emails?

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