Friday, March 19, 2010

Kent Robertson's Houston saga

The current head of Dallas Animal Services, Kent Robertson, plays crowds reasonably well when a news crew points a camera at him. I'll give him that much.

There's not much more I can give, though.

Those who have lived in Dallas for a while may remember that Mr. Robertson departed Dallas Animal Services for Houston in 2006. He returned to Dallas in 2008 - and a six-figure salary - after failing to do anything at all to improve things in Houston.

With whom do I have to sleep with to be paid so well for failing so miserably?

Nicole Sica did an admirable job of documenting Mr. Robertson's career highlights - both here and in Houston.

An excerpt - I've chosen it as I literally remember seeing the rescuer being interviewed on Dallas television's 6 o'clock news:

This one is just too easy. I wondered when I read this line how compassionate Robertson was before he came to Houston. What I found was definitely not encouraging. In February of 2006, just months before hi s move to Houston, Kent Robertson was informed that a colony of feral cats had been entombed under an apartment complex. Instead of helping the would-be rescuer retrieve the cats, he forbade her to tunnel an escape route, and said he would “help her” on Monday. This was on a Friday. On Monday, the good citizen was informed that if she returned to the property, she would promptly be arrested. Now that’s compassion.

The entire article is here, and worth your time.

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