Friday, March 5, 2010

That Pawprints code violation

This is a scan of the code violation mentioned in the previous blog post, so you may want to read the previous post first. A personal address and phone number was deleted.

Click on the violation and it'll be easier to read.

It's directly in conflict with the Dallas Central Appraisal District's records, which state that the Pawprints shelter building is zoned commercial.

The general feeling is that since Dallas Animal Service kept visiting the Pawprints shelter, but since the volunteers videotaped each visit, DAS couldn't accuse the shelter management of cruelty (again). So the vendetta got passed to Code Compliance. Both Kent Robertson of DAS and Joey Zapata of Code Compliance sit on the Animal Shelter Commission.

The Compliance officer who wrote the violation, Ann Hamilton, won't return any calls to discuss the violation. Neither will her superior.


PJBoosinger said...

It's a shame to have to pay for a video camera instead of food or supplies for the animals but I'm SURE that saved animal lives!

There are plenty of surveillance systems out there now in reasonable price ranges. That's pretty cheap and effective "insurance" during these raids and makes great evidence in court.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to post parts of the videos Pawprints volunteers filmed during the DAS visits to the shelter. It may be a week or two though as I don't know how to edit video.

FP (can't be bothered to log in, that's why I am showing up as anonymous)

Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder how it is that Dallas has that much money available to waste that they will not only harass the people who are taking care of these animals, but also have the resources to destroy the animals they seize??? What jerks.

Apparently they aren't very literate either: what is "insanitary?" Not English!

Glad I live in Hunt County.....