Sunday, August 29, 2010

990 forms for Metroplex Animal Coalition

You can find them by going to this page and searching by name and state:

Looks like Skip is doing their tax returns - not Rebecca.

You can also look up other groups recently discussed here, like Texas Humane Legislation Network, at the Foundation Center site.

Happy reading...


Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh.......thanks now keep watching and let us know more when you find it!!

thanks!! I figured he did them

Suzette Watkins said...

Ok, so it's damage control time for DASAC and others. BTW, Ragland has it wrong, it's not the "Animal Services Commission," even though Trimble was able to lead the Commission as if it were by focusing on any and everything outside of the shelter, it is the "Dallas Animal Shelter Advisory Commission."

"One dead cat has given new life to Dallas animal advocates who say the city's beleaguered animal shelter is poorly managed – a victim of politics and indifference.

Now, with the district attorney's office investigating a shelter manager on charges of felony cruelty for allegedly failing to save a cat trapped between two walls, animal advocates – and the city's own Animal Services Commission – are demanding changes.

And frankly, they're going about it the right way – by putting pressure on the mayor and City Council."

James Ragland, The Dallas Morning News

Shame on the Commission and friends, they should have been exposing the City Council for not listening (if that is truly the case which I doubt) long before now and making public noise on behalf of the animals at the shelter! Now they are in complete damage control mode! Where have they been all of these past years?

Anonymous said...

He does "pick" what he supports and sends big bucks to HSUS! They are ANIMAL RIGHTS people.....he and his wife want NO ANIMALS.....he's been caught with his underwear down now so he's doing damage control!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Trimble and his wife have a couple of dogs?

Anonymous said...

He indicated he did, all outside!!???? and a couple of cats, when he pushed for the bad ordinance in Dallas.......he wanted the number 10 to be allowed (as opposed to the old ordinance with no LIMIT and there had been no complaints on THAT!) but he seemed to have grandfathered in MORE due to size of the LOT!! Council member wanted less to be allowed since he could not conceive of people being able to take care of more than 2.

We ASSUME??? they are rescues although he told someone else he had HUNTIG DOGS......and carried a HUNTING/FISHING LICENSE when he received the PETA award!

Anonymous said...

I cant say for SURE but my bet is Suhm hired whoever Skip wanted....Robertson included.

Anonymous said...

I agree with above and Skip Trimble is in this mess all the way up to his ears! He should go down. He has gotten too big for his britches!