Sunday, August 29, 2010

The HSUS, THLN and Humanewatch

If you backtrack two blog entries, you'll see the new Humanewatch poster, along with a LOT of comments. One anonymous poster dared me to prove that the HSUS supports the THLN.

This was pretty easy; after I searched for the HSUS' annual reports, I found the THLN listed as receipient of an HSUS grant in 2005.

Next, I decided to go for the source and looked at

Before I found the HSUS connection, I was pissed off to read that the THLN claims to be:

...the political arm and voice for every animal and animal welfare agency in Texas.

If they're really doing this, they're keeping it VERY quiet.

Anyway, enough of my bitchiness. The below is a screen grab from the's FAQ section:

So...if you're unhappy about the HSUS' deceptive advertising, illegal seizures, and other police state tactics, you "oppose animal protection legislation", according to the THLN. It's a bit of a stretch in my opinion, but there you go.

And if you look at other sites that judge and rate nonprofits , you'll see that the HSUS' rating is going down the tubes. Check them out here:

(Charity Watch is the URL for the American Institute of Philanthropy - their real name doesn't lend it self to an URL, obviously. They have nothing to do with Humanewatch, even though their URLs are similar.)


Suzette Watkins said...

I stumbled onto this blog a few weeks ago while googling for Tyrone McGill's mugshot. So, I'm not here because I fully support everything you say, I don't think any of us support and/or agree with everything someone says. I'm here because I am interested in the discussion about animal welfare and I have a great appreciation for people who will speak their mind, stay true to their passions and deliver facts, which, as far as I can tell, is what you do.

BTW, why was my question, on Facebook, to Rebecca Poling as to 'when' exactly did she first hear of the trapped cat in the walls of Dallas Animal Shelter, the one that quickly (w/in 2 hours) caused me to lose my position as Ft. Worth Chapter President of THLN?

Was I that much of a threat to Skip Trimble, Cile Holloway, Stacy Smith (Dallas Chap Pres) and their good friend, Rebecca Poling?

To this day, Rebecca Poling has yet to answer that question. I think the public deserves and has the right to know when each Commissioner learned of the trapped cat. Just for the sake of....oh, let's say, integrity.

Perhaps, I'll send an email to Skip Trimble tomorrow asking him when he first learned of the trapped cat.

What's the big deal about answering the question? No one is above being questioned, are they?

Suzette Watkins said...

One funny thing that I forgot to say, when Cile Holloway called to inform me of my position loss w/in THLN, we were discussing her point of my remarks being inflammatory with people who they have worked tirelessly with at State level, etc., and me having to walk a fine line and not intermingle my personal agenda (accountability) with THLN's.

She explained how Skip Trimble 'never' intermingles his work with THLN with his work on the Dallas Animal Shelter Advisory Commission. After that comment, I knew then we were miles apart in our perspective of reality and any words I bothered to say would be a complete waste of my time and energy. :(

I wonder if Cile Holloway would agree with the statement that HSUS being hired for the job of Dallas Shelter Audit had nothing whatsoever do to with the fact that THLN has received significant amounts of money from HSUS and that Trimble, is in large part, the face of THLN?

Feline Provocateur said...

First of all, thank you for reading and posting. You are *not* required to agree with everything I post here, and my initial statement about posting corrections to any misinformation posted here still stands.

From the actions and comments of many members of the Animal Shelter Commission, I think we can safely assume that they're diehard HSUS supporters. This was obvious on some of the Commission members' Facebook pages - until they decided to set their pages to Private.

I don't know if you're aware that HSUS has already carried out a previous shelter evaluation in 2001. Why hire them again and fork out another $25K? Especially when the animal shelter's euthanasia rate seems hopelessly stuck in the 75-80% range?

Combined with their shared partisan outlook - the same outlook that resulted in your getting canned from THLN - I fear that the current status quo will not change. This is a particular tragedy for the animals that go to Dallas Animal Services. Other cities and counties have lowered their kill rate. Why can't we?

Anonymous said...

I didn't DARE you, I just said show me!!!! and thank you!! keep up the good work I want to know where MAC gets so much money too without showing where they get it, lots of black spots on those 990's or is it my machine?

You are doing a fine job and learning fast!

Cynthia said...

@ Suzette Watkins, if you are a TRUE animal WELFARE person, you were in the wrong spot working with THLN....they are NOT animal WELFARE. They have an AGENDA that is the same as HSUS. NO ANIMALS and NO ANIMAL AGRICULTURE. They want the animals out of all of our homes and beds, do you love animals? RUN!! from them.

Suzette Watkins said...

Thanks FP, so glad you are ok with people not agreeing with you 100% of the time and are open for discussion. It's a breath of fresh air to find such human beings and forums.

Will answer some questions from above later after work; however, please help me in any way you can to put pressure on the system and get the Commission members, starting with Rebecca Poling and Skip Trimble to answer the question of when did they first learn of the trapped cat. It's important for us to reassure ourselves that we are dealing with people who put the animals first -- before politics and money.

Feline Provocateur said...


I don't trust the Commission members to truthfully answer the question of when they first learned of the trapped cat. They seem determined to continue to operate as before, and admitting to "advance knowledge", would put this at risk.

Besides, how would we be able to determine who was telling the truth?

I can only hope that this will come out through Domanick Munoz's testimony during McGill's trial - although I'm betting the rent this trial will be postponed for years for various reasons.

Anonymous said...

FP its SUZETTE dig dig

@ Suzette, what do you disagree with FP on? out of curiosity?

Suzette said...

Cynthia-it seems there are several different definitions of welfare so who knows which category I fall into. Yes, I believe HSUS has pretty much bought THLN and THLN is following HSUS' agenda. I can't jump as far as to say I think that HSUS wants all animals out of our houses/beds. I know that's what the argument is, but I haven't bothered to wrap my head around that one.
Anonymous - what do I disagree with FP on? Let me read more of this blog from months ago and if I come across something I'll be sure to post.

Cynthia said...

OH Suzette,

Have you not read any of the things those in HSUS have said? Wayne and his "One generation and out" " I don't believe in selective breeding" I'm not going to look at the multitude of things he has said about NO MORE AIMALS, including that he would be happy with all of them gone....and he means it. Then John Goodwin, the ALF terrorist.....working for them? oh my Lord have mercy...They mean it ALL GONE....besides, think about it, all neutered and spayed, who's going to have your next pet when all of them are fixed? there is no pet overpopulation, people are sending rescues all over the country. Wayne doesn't believe in NO KILL and apparently neither does Skip or they would be trying that!
PETA just sent out a flyer for Lubbock, they were pushing a "no birth nation" does that sound like they want us to have animals? and yet its where many of the HSUS employees started.

Dallas could have just enforced the laws they had (which were not being enforced) and the problems they SAID they had would have been solved! Half the commission (or more?) didn't even know what the laws WERE in Dallas, much less the Council members.

They subscribe to the 12 step program, they want us to be vegetarians (vegan in truth) but even those have "double standards"

I'm an animal welfare person, I truly believe they should be cared for properly and loved but they are not little people in an animal's body wearing a fur coat, we just "feel" like they are our kids....we need to understand they aren't kids!

I need to go toss mine out to potty right quick for a last run before bedtime!

Suzette Watkins said...

No, I haven't spent any time really studying HSUS, Wayne Pacelle or No Kill theory. However, I am planning to attend a workshop on the No Kill idea in September. At the rate we are killing animals, I definitely think there is an overpopulation issue. I'm not sure what the solution is but there is a problem.
I believe animals are much more intelligent and social than we humans give credit. Any suffering (including emotional), unneccessary pain and/or cruelty we bestow on them for whatever reason, I think is wrong and should be illegal and offender should pay heavy price. Where that leaves me in the circle of animal welfare, who knows. I don't let it concern or consume me. I don't like boxes and try to keep myself out of them. I stay open to new ideas and discussion and have the ability to listen, grow and change my mind, which I find is a rarity. Thanks FP for your space. Thanks Cynthia for the question.

Cynthia said...

I assume you have animals and chose not to alter them since you don't want to cause them any pain.

I believe animals can be quite bright, but each species and breed are different. Abilities within each of those are most frequently inherited. Few do well without human support, therefore I repeat what I said above, I believe they should be cared for properly and loved.

I think it is grand that you are going to attend the No Kill Clinic, please remember to let us know how you feel after!!

In the secure knowledge that my bright fur balls can't take care of themselves without me, I have to say, they do not have the right to call the shots around my house so even tho I give credit for some of the bright things they come up with I must watch them carefully. You know bright children can burn the house down if not supervised.

When mine learn to file their own nails, I shall continue to cut them for them and try not to quick them. We either must do that or they must make a living and buy their own vehicle to drive to the nail vet's to have them do the manicure.

I hope you don't mind when I tease with truth, please forgive me, I love my animals to distraction but I am fully aware that they do not have the same rights as humans, Humans have to be responsible and in control of themselves and their animals. I think that one form of abuse is to have a crate too large for them or not quite big enough, but that den animals need (and appreciate) a den not the entire condo.

Running from boxes can cause pain, too, both for you and others....I've found that facing facts and considering all sides of the box fairly, is a good way to handle that problem....not as many calories burned but then maybe people won't be burned either ;-D

Suzette said...

Cynthia - interesting comments. Would love to hear your opinon on what we do about "Humans who aren't responsible and in control of themselves and their animals." You say they "have to be," but we well know that isn't always the case and we the taxpayers pay heavily for them. I see you don't believe in 'policing' them, so how do we make it better for the taxpayers on behalf of the irresponsible and out of control?

Cynthia said...

Well, you can't legislate responsibility or common sense. Education works but lets not get AR's to teach until they learn. I'm sick and tired of them being treated like the "experts" when they have not got a clue, you must work with animals to understand them....for REAL.....they are not children in fur coats.

We have laws on the books, but lets not push the limit on those and jump the gun! Be sure and don't just try to steal from someone!

I am tired of seeing and hearing the same junk from those people. Until a crime has been committed you can't have the animals!! Stop saying we need to get them before they are sick or starving or matted or do not have a right to them when they are prime, not sick, not starving, not being cruelly treated! A bit of tarter on a dog's teeth just happens, unfortunately it happens on them withing a short time after they just had them cleaned, its not abuse, neglect or cruelty! Mud is dirt and water, its not urine and feces and after a big rainstorm they go steal animals shouting up to their eyeballs in urine and feces, its the worst we have ever seen. BULL, they can't all be "the worst" They count on the ignorant public to believe them and ask for money, then in nothing flat they sell them.....must not have been in too bad a shape, huh?

I've seen people saying "they want them in prime show coat" and after reading what Skippy himself said on THLN's site the other day, That made so much sense! Until a crime has been COMMITTED there isn't one!

Anonymous said...

Neutering and spaying every animal on the planet will stop the "supposed" problem, unfortunately it means extinction. Until overzealous "rescuers" stop trying to "out do" each other as if it was a contest to be won, and get a real life truly working with what they have, the world is not going to be a better place. There are far too many unstable people!

Cynthia said...

Did I scare Suzette? or make her angry?

Suzette said...

Cynthia - not at all. You've obviously been at this longer than me and I haven't heard the claims that you mention; however, I agree, no crime until committed. People are nuts! BTW, what are AR's?

Suzette said...

Doesn't THLN have to abide by their Bylaws in removing people from leadership positions w/in the org.? Since my removal was decided in a matter of 2 hours without a Board meeting, I'm wondering if they are following their own rules?

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but not surprising for those who have watched them and caught them lying about other things. How do you feel about trusting them again? Can you?

Cynthia said...


I think its interesting that Holloway called you. If they think you are catching on and may no longer "just" be a "sheeple" one rotten SHEEPLE can spoil the HERD.....I'm curious about the same questions Anonymous asked about how you feel, etc.

Suzette said...

Yep, Holloway called me just a few hours after she sent me a nice email congratulating me on my fundraiser that I am planning for October. lol. Of course, that was before she was informed of my daunting question on Facebook to Rebecca about the trapped cat at Dallas Shelter.
I totally agree with you on the sheeple comment. However, I don't think it's Cile so much that is able to grasp that concept -- it is others who Cile feels really comfy with that she allows to influence her in her decisions as President of THLN. I accused these 'others' as being nothing more than cheerleaders for HSUS on the back of THLN and I'm sure those 'others' have been after me ever since. I'm new to the animal welfare arena and am not rehearsed in HSUS or any other group, I just know we are killing way too many dogs/cats in all of our communities.
I didn't feel like THLN was even acknowledging that fact and was pressing Cile for THLN's take on that matter -- trying to get a grasp of who I was dealing with, as 'THLN.' Of course, I was trying to match THLN's mission statement to the works I was seeing, and wanting to do, and that wasn't going over well with about 3 people.
How do I feel? Disappointed.
I know it sounds really corny but I really love Texas, I was born & raised here, I love the name Texas Humane Legislation Network and I love most all of the people involved in the org. THLN has many 'new' people (sheeples) working hard for them that probably don't ask the questions that I asked and haven't a clue who, or for what they are working.
THLN is Cile Holloway, Skip Trimble and a few quiet, hidden agenda, vendictive, spy type people (in Dallas) who Holloway is allowing to direct her, that are not open to go getter, direct, speak up, open type, free thinking, neutral HSUS supporters, conservative (even if just fiscal) newcomers such as myself.
Could I work with them? Sure, if Holloway were to step down and there was some 'real' leadership in THLN. Absolutely. My heart is still with them and all the others who are involved in bettering the state of animal welfare in Texas.
(Thanks FP, Cynthia, Rosebud, No Kill Houston & Anonymous for allowing me to 'get the lead out!' :)

Cynthia said...


You don't seem like a "follower" and I think you are very close to hitting the nail on the head on THLN but make no mistake, Skippy is in charge.

I hope you go read some of the stuff on HUMANEWATCH.ORG, even FP didn't realize it was a good place to get info and I think if you research some, you will fall on the REAL animal WELFARE side of the fence because THLN is not that and they are up to their eyeballs/ears, whatever you want to call it in ridding the world of pets and all the other animals with HSUS/PETA.

HSUS and Skip want the people who have given their lives to quality dogs, showing them and also starting rescue to be the first to be killed off. Puppy mills? they love that term but the people they are after are not that.....they have invested their lives in their animals and they know more about animals than any of the so called experts with HSUS and THLN.....its heartbreaking....go read and use the head!!

Suzette said...

Will do. Thanks.