Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tip of the Iceberg, Part 2

I surfed over to this D Magazine story to see if any additional comments had been added since DAS manager McGill was formally charged with animal cruelty:

While there are plenty of additional comments, not many of them talk about McGill. Instead, some of the DFW chest-beaters who fit the definition of rescuer - someone who has one less animal than those they accuse of hoarding - are out in force with off-topic accusations thinly disguised as comments.

I have a pretty good idea who the commenter using the pen name "Reagan" really is. (This is ironic as he/she took me to task for not identifying myself.) Perhaps Reagan should consider a "new beginning"...


Anonymous TOO said...

I did read the comments on the first article and I almost laughed hysterically upon reading the statement that they were always seeking the time I read all of the posts on there, I think Reagan needs help.....he/she isn't going to find truth until opening their eyes and seeing the manure flying all around.

Until the heads of the Shelter commission, maybe all of them on that, with one? exception, perhaps 2, I don't know the other new person from the woman who replaced Ratsass on the council but the one who was upset over the puppies and found them in the shelter may be okay....but Skippy and the Klan need to be bumped out the door.....but the council can't learn he lied to them on the ordinance and many other things all that needs to go too but then the council, mayor and Suhm need to be bumped too Perhaps!!

PJBoosinger said...

Reagan said: "PJ Boosinger who supposedly loves animals even contacted this animal criminal to offer her professional services." LOL. Well, I have no "professional services" to offer but I now have a VERY good idea who "Reagan" is :)