Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why you should Google yourself regularly

I just received a post from someone who had been checking out members of the Animal Shelter Commission via the Internet. He'd spotted my notice of the next Commission meeting and, in the light of the recent McGill/Robertson departures, was planning to attend.

He had googled Susan Oakey and found that she had been attacking other animal rescuers on a forum site called of all places. The site's tagline is "Welcome to the sacred world of Hinduism."

One of Susan's posts encouraged all readers of the Vegetarian Forum to attend Laniq Adams' 2008 trial for animal cruelty. Another post regarding this trial, crossposted by someone named Margaret Morin, begged for a big turnout at the courthouse.

Everyone's support is needed to help see justice done.

Justice for Laniq Adams came in the form of an acquittal that took the jury exactly nine minutes to deliver. To this day I wish I'd attended the trial, but it was held before I became sufficiently motivated to start researching this subject, and to begin publishing this blog.

Of course, neither Susan or Margaret bothered to publish the outcome of the trial in the forum.

Being unacquainted with Hindu beliefs, I did some cursory research. Although they can't be defined in a condensed form, karma plays an important role in the Hindu religion.

Does this mean that Susan and Margaret can look forward to some karmic payback?


Anonymous said...

Have you read Larry Powell today? toward the bottom of this morning's writeup about the Shelter?

PJBoosinger said...

Google and Wayback thyself regularly. Stuff has a tendency to disappear and reappear but it never REALLY goes away. I keep telling people not to put it in electronic format unless they'd be willing to have the whole world read it and possibly be held to account if they're the one who put it out there. The tide has already turned on internet defamation and other torts :)

Like the new format; much easier on my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Oakey, she seemed to have left out her affiliations with PETA and ACT, did you catch that one?

Feline Provocateur said...

Oakey leaves that out a lot. For example, if you check out the D Magazine Frontburner blogs, she posts there and brags about her Animal Shelter Commission membership - but not a word about PETA. And PETA not only euthanizes almost every animal they "rescue", they oppose feral cat colonies. See their own site:

Considering how many feral cat managers I know, PETA's claims are utter crap. I guess that's why their link to their feral cat brochure (see link) doesn't work any more.