Friday, August 13, 2010

OK ... here it is!

Clicky here to read the minutes from the April 2010 Animal Shelter Commission meeting.

Some highlights - or lowlights:

  • Animal registration numbers in Dallas are down, including those for unaltered pets. As if we needed more proof that the 2008 amendments to the City Code continue to backfire.
  • Off-site adoption numbers are down. So are the numbers of volunteers. But there was no discussions about recruiting and retaining new volunteers; instead, they decided to contact the inactive ones.
  • One of the more sensible Commission members asked why a search warrant was issued for a residence with only EIGHT dogs. As usual, Kent Robertson said "he'd look into it."
  • The Commission discussed printing and distributing flyers that advised people that it is illegal to abandon their animals. (Yeah, that ought to stop it.)
  • Tyrone McGill told everyone what a great time he had attending a shelter conference in Austin, and said he'd be "implementing what he learned" at the shelter. Did he learn not to rescue animals trapped in the shelter's walls?
  • ASC member Rebecca Poling went on another commission roll, introducing no fewer than NINE more sub-commissions. She really likes commissions. I have literally lost count of all of her commission roles, chairs, etc.
  • Dallas Animal Services might put up a Facebook page one day. (insert eye-roll here)


Anonymous said...

Love this! Love your comments. Very funny and very timely!! Don't know much about you or this site but I am liking what I see!! Keep it up!!

PJBoosinger said...

So, in other words, Dallas is down to 8 dogs = HOARDER.

And "what Anon said". Plus I might be getting a little blogger to blogger crush if there is such a thing :)

Did you see about the dog trainer/rescuer who lost personal dogs over on YesBiscuit?

Cynthia said...

It stated they would have a meeting in June, do we know or remember if they did? they met the next week after this meeting which wasn't posted and instead posted the one they intended to keep secret, then there was an agenda for the week before then they had an agenda but I heard other things on that, hmm? and the last time I looked there was no meeting notice up yet this month and wouldn't you think they would have had an emergency? meeting with the grand jury being called?

Anonymous said...

Dallas, depending on how big a lot you have, can have 8 on an acre but ONE MORE and you are a HOARDER I suppose!

Rosebud said...

Thanks FP, for the notes. I'm a little behind these days, but I do believe with the absence of both K-Bob and Mr. McGill, and the August meeting taking place AT CITY HALL, that there will be "more" citizens in attendance. There are many notifications going around now...I received the one below today... Even though I am not a resident, since I was so involved during the ordinance process, I think I might even make an appearance as well. This could be interesting. I can't believe K-Bob is history...what a relief. Anyway, here's the info I received today...

"For those of you who are interested the next meeting of the Dallas Animal Commission will be held on August 1:30 in the afternoon. It is not being held at the Animal Shelter but at Dallas City Hall in room 6C South.
Please feel free to cross post this info to any who are interested, I obtained it though the City Sec and the Shelter offices. If you have been to any meetings, you will remember they were held at the shelter. As the Director and manager of the shelter are no longer participants this meeting should be very informative...what the Board will do without actual oversight by the Shelter and Code Compliance could be a virtual run-a-way train event.
I would encourage as many Dallas residents as possible to attend."